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We are currently looking for servant minded team members who want to be part of an exciting, successful new business in Loganville, GA.  To succeed on this team, you will equate service with joy, teamwork with fun, and success with hard work.  If that resonates with you at all, then keep reading. 

Kim Kiser and her business partner, Rob Browne, have a love for people and fresh baked bread.  They see this business as being a one of a kind and best in class business in Loganville.  Our community will belong here.  Friends will eat here.  Groups will meet here.  Couples will relax here.  Families will gather here.  It will be a place known for open doors, hearts, and hands.  If working in that kind of environment has your heart beating kinda fast then press on to the next paragraph. 

To many people, bread is...just bread.  If you have never experienced anything more than just bread with ingredients you need a dictionary app to decipher, then you have no idea there is something more.  Bread the way it ought to be, however, is something that will change you forever.  Ingredients you can pronounce and not fear putting into your body will be a consistent reality in our store.  Health matters and that will be reflected in the ingredients we use and the products we make.  

Servant hearts, team approach, community impact, and bread the way it ought to be.  If your heart is beating a bit quicker now and you need no more selling to know this resonates with you then click on the application link below. We would love to get to connected with you and share more with you about our team, vision, and your possible place in it. 

Thank you for your interest and we wish you all the best,
Rob Browne and Kim Kiser

Please print & completely fill out this form and send it back to or drop it off at the front counter of our bakery. Any of our team will be be happy to receive it with a smile.
Great Harvest Bread of Loganville